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“DooM” Ltd. is established in 1999 in Varna. After ten years of hard work and persistency, the company is among the first in the market area of information technology, namely construction of internet clubs – computer halls, computer and software sales, advertising and informational services, building computer networks. At present, the company has 11 internet clubs – computer halls with over 350 computers and a computer store “PC center“ - for sales and repairs of computer equipment in Varna.

Keeping up with the formula for maximum quality of services, combined with effective decisions, the company has achieved success – absolute competitiveness, 90% market share on the territory of Varna. Even today, all clubs from the “DooM“ chain are quite popular and busy. The constant interest in computer and internet services, offered in different places, have aroused the need of alternative decision of the already established model of internet and game clubs. Seeing the market need of more popular services supply of internet and games access, “DooM“ Ltd. has undertaken actions towards its fulfillment. In 2006 it designs its own computer kiosk model for access to information, internet and games. This public terminal model for access to internet and games, named “Entertainment kiosk”, is meant to provide the service to guests of hotels, holiday villages, children camps, entertaining establishment and all places for relaxation and entertainment.

For 3 years now the company has been successfully working in this area, its clients being hotels and entertaining establishment along the whole Black Sea coast. As of 2008 it has been providing the service in the winter resorts, as well.

The company continues its constant development in this direction, namely improvement of the so-designed computer kiosk model, and its popularization.