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"Kiosk" – public terminal granting access to information, internet and games.

The public terminal, or the so-called "kiosk" provides access to internet, games, informational and other services for public places, in an unusual to the normal consumer surrounding. Compared to any standard computer located in a public place, the content and the services offered by kiosk have been carefully selected and suited to its placement of installation.

The interface is quite simplified, having in mind that it will be used by many people with low level of computer literacy. We are using special software protecting the system from unwelcome access to the operational system and the content, and at the same time, providing multiple opportunities for configuration and management.

The kiosk is an independent device equipped with computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset with microphone, camera, card reader and bar codes. It can be produced in three types - informational, internet, or internet and games.